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Commemorative Services

Are held for
ANZAC Day, Remembrance Day and Vietnam Veterans Day.

Our Museum has an extensive collection of wartime memorabilia from the Boer War through to recent conflicts and peacekeeping operations.

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Donate items to the Museum

The Running Rabbits Military Museum has the authority and capability to accept donations of uniforms, equipment, all types of firearms, accessories, ordinance, relics, letters and photographs that may have been returned to Australia by service personnel as souvenirs of their experiences.

These items are an intricate part of our history and any such donations may be made in the strictest of confidence if desired. If the item has a history or its acquisition history is known we would also like to obtain that so the ties to past deeds are not lost in time.

Our aim is to ensure that these historical items may be retained and displayed for the public to view to better appreciate the military commitment to the nation. If you wish to discuss donating items to the museum, please speak with any of the committee members who will answer your questions when you visit or alternatively contact –

Curator Running Rabbits Military Museum
Mail: Running Rabbits Military Museum PO Box 1106 Upwey 3158  Email:
or Vaughan Atherton 0411 575 239 (in regards to firearms) or Leigh Baker 0409 228 455


The Upwey Belgrave RSL, like many RSL’s in Australia, is managed by a volunteer Committee of Management and relies on volunteers for much of the day to day functions within the RSL. The volunteers are ably supported by some very committed paid staff. Financing and fundraising are always a challenge and any donations, whether they be monetary, goods or time are always very much welcomed.

You can donate to the RSL by paying an additional amount on your membership or a direct donation to the RSL (Bendigo Bank – 633000 136030418).  Any donation to the Welfare Fund is tax-deductible and are used exclusively for Veterans welfare and support. Receipts are readily available.

Donations to the RSL, in general, are used for the support of the community. During these difficult times the RSL is “paying it forward” for needy families and many of our wonderful community members have been actively participating.