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Commemorative Services

Are held for
ANZAC Day, Remembrance Day and Vietnam Veterans Day.

Our Museum has an extensive collection of wartime memorabilia from the Boer War through to recent conflicts and peacekeeping operations.

Poppies Restaurant

Poppies is a welcoming, casual restaurant in Upwey and features a modern Australian menu with creative variations to traditional favourites.Please call the RSL to book your table now!.

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Running Rabbits Museum

The Running Rabbits Military Museum is located at the Upwey-Belgrave RSL and has been named in recognition of Kokoda Campaign.

The Museum displays weaponry, documents and equipment from the Boer War through WWI and WWII to the current day. There are over 2,500 items of memorabilia, photographs and artifacts on display and a library of books and magazines available. There are some major items on display in and outside the Museum. The Museum will educate and entertain all ages and take them on an emotional journey through time.

Tour of the Museum via video – Look Here

  • Location: 1 Mast Gully Road UPWEY, Vic. Off Burwood Highway – Melways Map 75 A8
  • Open: Thursdays 10am to 2pm
    Sundays 10am to 3pm – View our brochure
  • Other Times – by appointment only contact RSL Admin or Memorabilia Officer
  • Entry: Gold Coin Donation
  • Light refreshments are available from the RSL Bistro/Bar – With prior arrangements.
  • Guides are available for groups by arrangement, this includes Scouts, Guides, Nursing homes, and family groups.

The Museum has a school program in place for all levels. Computer access is available for individual and general research. Volunteer guides are available for groups by arrangement.
Email the Memorabilia Officer  For personal enquiries regarding memorabilia

Donate Items to the Museum

The Running Rabbits Military Museum has the authority and capability to accept donations of uniforms, equipment, all types of firearms, accessories, ordinance, relics, letters and photographs that may have been returned to Australia by service personnel as souvenirs of their experiences.

These items are an intricate part of our history and any such donations may be made in the strictest of confidence if desired. If the item has a history or its acquisition history is known we would also like to obtain that so the ties to past deeds are not lost in time.

Our aim is to ensure that these historical items may be retained and displayed for the public to view to better appreciate the military commitment to the nation. If you wish to discuss donating items to the museum, please speak with any of the committee members who will answer your questions when you visit or alternatively contact –

Curator Running Rabbits Military Museum
Mail: Running Rabbits Military Museum PO Box 1106 Upwey 3158  Email:
or Vaughan Atherton 0411 575 239 (in regards to firearms) or Leigh Baker 0409 228 455

HMAS Australia photograph donated to the Upwey RSL

IMG 1363 Small
Recently, the HMAS Cerberus Museum donated a very valuable photograph of the HMAS Australia to the Upwey RSL. The ship is our one and only battle cruiser, known as one of the three Indefatigable-class battle cruisers that were built for defence of the British Empire. The HMAS Australia was requested to be built by the Australian government in 1909 before being launched in 1911. The ship was commissioned as a flagship of the fledgling Royal Australian Navy in 1913, becoming the only capital ship to every serve in the RAN. The photo-frame was created using timber from the HMAS Australia, adding more sentiment and value to the brilliant piece. Zoe Preston

Open Day for a tour of the HMAS Cereberus will be held on Tuesday the 20th of October. Open Day registration will be required by the RSL before the 20th of September. The bus will be leaving the Upwey RSL by 8:30am and returning in the late afternoon, guaranteeing an amazing and eye-opening day for everyone. Lunch will also be provided. Zoe Preston

Last Thursday the 6th of August, The Running Rabbits Military Museum have presented a beautiful, hand-painted mural in memory of the ANZAC soldiers.

For the last month and a half, class 11B at Mountain District Learning Centre have been working on an ANZAC mural with materials that have been generously donated to the creative students. 

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Museum Photo Gallery

Mural presented by the Mountain District Learning Centre

In August 2019, The Running Rabbits Military Museum was presented a beautiful, hand-painted mural in memory of the ANZAC soldiers.

For the last month and a half, class 11B at Mountain District Learning Centre have been working on an ANZAC mural with materials that have been generously donated to the creative students. The students were asked to think about the mural beforehand and agreed on the design together. The final masterpiece features vibrant red poppies around the border, the hats of the soldiers in the foreground with a bold sun rising in the distance. Though the main focus of the beautiful mural is the silhouette of a soldier playing the Reveille on a trumpet.

The student’s created the mural to pay respect to the ANZAC’s who lost their lives in war and remind the community of the hope of a new dawn. The mural will be mounted at the Upwey RSL with the appropriate signing from the VCAL students of MDLC. Thank you all very much for your wonderful, thoughtful contribution to the community!

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Upwey Belgrave RSL Mt District Mural