ANZAC Day, Belgrave, 1930

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The Furphy Tale of Upwey Belgrave RSL..

We are calling it The Furphy Tale, as we gather information about our history from various sources, some are direct involvement, some are documented evented, and some are hear-say, embellished stories just like those told around the Furphy Truck..

Belgrave was one of the very first RSL's and came into being about 1917 before WW1 ended.

The Belgrave Memorial (RSL) Hall was completely destroyed by fire in June 1957
The amalgamation only occurred in 1974.
There were two premises used for the RSL at different times and both were located in or near the car park near the Cameo.

This is where the tales stands today, 9th January 2024…
We will keep the story updated as information comes to hand.

We continue to seek information and data on our local RSL. If you have any further information, photos, records or suggestion please contact us, we would love to hear from you