Commemorative Services

Are held for
ANZAC Day, Remembrance Day and Vietnam Veterans Day.

Our Museum has an extensive collection of wartime memorabilia from the Boer War through to recent conflicts and peacekeeping operations.

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School Resources

Assistance to local Primary and Secondary schools

The Upwey/Belgrave RSL provides resources for local schools in two ways.

The preferred option is to have school groups to visit our “Running Rabbits” Military Museum and Library as we can obviously present a much larger “Show and Tell” experience (subject to COVID-19 restrictions).  This will be tailored to what part (year) of the curriculum the students are studying.

Alternatively, our veterans can visit schools for presentations (often in conjunction with ANZAC and Remembrance Days) and these include descriptions of our veteran’s own service experience and may include details of major conflicts, peacekeeping and humanitarian operations involving the ADF. “Show and Tell” items will also be included (subject to COVID-19 restrictions).

We encourage representatives from schools to contact us so that we can formulate a presentation that is most suitable for the students as part of the current school curriculum, where appropriate.   What we try to achieve is not to explain the various conflicts, as we see this as the role of the teacher, but rather to show students how the troops (etc) lived and what their experiences would have been depending on where they were.

A copy of our guide to schools can be obtained by request. Click here for short video 

Our comprehensive Library is available during RSL opening hours and features a wide range of non-fiction resources relating to military history, historical newspapers, photographs, and a PC database of all our memorabilia, photographs and services members’ personal experiences, medals etc. Items are not available to be removed but can be viewed on site.

There are also many internet resources that schools may find useful and we would suggest the following web sites.

If schools want students to do research on family members who served then we would suggest these sites:

If Students or schools want to show support to our troops serving far from home by sending a postcard, email or parcel we suggest they contact Ocean, Sky and Khaki at
This service is often free, but see the website for more information.