Upwey Belgrave RSL Committee

 All of RSL Sub-Branches are unique nature but also have a number of consistencies including being governed by a volunteer committee, supporting veterans and their families, having members, appropriate commemoration and fundraising activity.

Each Sub-Branch is governed by a set of RSL Victoria by-laws and various other legislative and regulatory bodies including but not limited to the Australian Charities & Not-for-Profit Commission and Consumer Affairs Victoria. 

Fred Schmager

Welfare and Appeals Officer
Vice President
Rowan Smith

Welfare and Appeals Officer
Veterans Wellbeing & Support
Vice President Affiliate
Zane Waters

Publicity Officer
Communication and Online Presence
Operations Support
Jamie Moxham

Business and Administration Support
Graeme Tuplin

Finance Management
Sponsorship and Donations
General Committee
David Brimacombe

Entertainment Officer
Publicity Support
Events and Operations Support
Business Oversight
General Committee
Kerry McAleer

Membership Officer
POS Configuration
Operations and Business Support
General Committee
Debbie Beal

Human Resources
Policy and Procedure Support
Operations Support (Functions)
General Committee
Peter Hambridge

Building & Grounds Maintenance
Oversight Shed Grant

The RSL Victoria constitution or rules should be read in conjunction with the rules of RSL Australia and the by-laws governing the RSL Victorian Sub-Branches.

Code of Conduct

This statement, endorsed by the Committee of Management, applies to people who interact within this subbranch and extends to all veterans, committee members, employees, general members, volunteers, visitors, interns, students, consultants and service users.

Under the governing Privacy Act 1988 and the associated RSL VIC Volunteer Policy and Procedure Manual, this Code of Conduct forms a standalone directive that will guide a comprehensive Communication Strategy.

This Club endorses a ZERO TOLERANCE to any Untoward Behaviour/s.

Our Values
We believe that we are all responsible to ensure a safe workplace and comfortable environment through:

Empathy Respect Transparency Integrity Mateship Tradition Compassion

We will
  •  Treat everyone with respect, courtesy, and sensitivity, acknowledging individual experiences.
  •  Strive toward a harmonious, welcoming gathering place based on our above values.
  •  Be inclusive and non-discriminatory.
  •  Act with honesty, making decisions that are fair and equitable.
  •  Apply our skills, knowledge and experience with due diligence and care.
  •  Refrain from providing false or misleading information.
  •  Be accountable for our own actions.
We will not
  •  Tolerate verbal abuse that includes insulting, dismissive or offensive language.
  •  Accept persistent teasing or unwelcome practical, sexist or racially taunting jokes.
  •  Spread gossip, rumours or innuendo of a malicious nature.
  •  Harass, threaten, intimidate, undermine, victimise, or belittle others.
  •  Bully or humiliate via language, social media, or associated communication.
  •  Deliberately interfere with another’s work, isolate, or exclude others.
  •  Personally criticise or blame in front of others.
Our expectation
Any behaviour that is unwarranted or offensive is to be reported in the strictest of confidence for immediate action and remedy up to cessation of association through documented disciplinary procedures.